Our professional excavators are used for foundations building as well as for roads, bridges, tunnels and other civil and industrial engineering works.

• Earthworks and land stabilisation
• Excavation and disposal
• Embankments and embankment protection
• Demolition and dismantling

Excavations: we carry out excavations with state-of-the-art machinery and high capacities for any kind of civil or industrial construction.

We offer general excavations and foundation excavations for blocks, houses, excavations for sewage, water and light, excavations for swimming pools, trenches for gas pipelines, etc. The excavations are carried out mechanically using excavators with specific capacities.

Our work includes topsoil removal, soil grading, backfilling, landscaping, asphalting and road construction.

Earthworks are the basis for carrying out various construction projects. This includes, among other things, all earthworks, excavation for subsequent construction projects and multiple ground modelling. IBB-HIB Romania has extensive experience in soil stabilisation and consolidation projects.