Quality roads contribute to economy growth, connect people and communities and, not least, save lives.

IBB-HIB Romania is specialised in complex construction works, infrastructure upgrades and civil engineering. Our team's more than 10 years of experience on the German market guarantees quality and execution speed of works, throughout the entire process, from the design stage to the final acceptance. IBB-HIB Romania has a solid reputation in the construction industry, which is strengthened by its well-performing machinery and equipment, its experienced and well-trained team and its business model oriented towards innovation and a sustainable future. This forward-thinking approach allows us to meet even the most demanding requirements of any project, regardless of its complexity, safely and cost-effectively.

As of September 2017 IBB-HIB Romania has completed and has ongoing over 60 road infrastructure construction and rehabilitation projects, both as general contractor and as sub-contractor. The completed projects demonstrate the quality of our work and bring IBB-HIB Romania the reputation of a responsible partner.

Infrastructure plays an important role in every society and is essential for economic development. IBB-HIB Romania offers construction and rehabilitation services for all categories of roads: motorways, expressways, national, county, municipal, village and airport runways:

Vegetation removal, excavation, backfilling, rolling, preparation of the platform by scarification and reprofiling, preparation of the road bed by on-side stabilisation with hydraulic road binders;

Foundation layers made of natural ballast and quarry aggregates, foundation layers made of natural aggregates stabilised with hydraulic road binders;

Asphalt pavements made of one, two or three layers of asphalt mixtures, pavements made of cement concrete, pavements made of natural aggregates or cement concrete, renewal of road pavements by asphalt pavement;

Earth ditches and channels, concrete ditches and channels, shoulder channels, roadway channels, culverts for draining water collected in ditches, bridges made of prestressed concrete beams with adherent ropes with foundations on Benotto columns, bedding with gabion mats or monolithic cast concrete elements;

Gabion retaining walls, retaining walls made of precast reinforced concrete elements, retaining walls made of monolithic cement concrete, slope stabilisation with Benotto columns, slope stabilisation with geocells;

Construction of bridges and tunnels

Traffic safety works - installation of vertical road markings (road signs), longitudinal and transverse road markings, installation of protection systems (metal parapets);

Works for pavements, cycle paths and pedestrian areas (esplanades) - installation of pavements and kerbs;

Environmental protection works - planting trees and shrubs, sowing grass;

Regular maintenance works - isolated asphalt repairs and repairs on large areas (asphalt paving), removal of burdens, filling cracks and fissures, cutting of pavements, ensuring road aesthetics;

Construction work is carried out only on the basis of construction projects and specifications provided by the beneficiaries and approved by project verifiers. All the works were legally obtained through public tenders or direct award, and at the end of execution, they were within the contractual deadlines set with the beneficiaries, the quality being achieved in accordance with the requirements expressed in the specifications.