IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH

Always ready to build!

The company IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH has proven its ability to provide high quality services, which have been and are appreciated on the construction market in Germany, and also build in Romania with the same high professionalism.

In Germany, there are 72 sites completed by our company and 34 which are in full swing. Thus, some of the sites whose works have been completed are: The production hall for Daimler “Factory 56 ” In Sindelfingen, with an area of 195,000 sqm; Bildungscampus III Heilbron University Campus, with a total area totalling over 11,000 sqm, having an underground car park, a library, two buildings for courses and exams, a cafeteria; Office V, in Stutgart-Vaihingen, with an area of over 40,000 sqm, consisting of four modular buildings, five to six floors, with an underground parking of 2.5 levels, whose capacity is two thousand cars.
In the year 2016, our company opened a subsidiary (IBB-HIB Romania) in Romania, for customers in the country to benefit from complex services in construction, with high quality, executed by a team of specialists with long experience in Infrastructure building (roads, bridges, highways), but also of civil or industrial ones. We want our staff, prepared at the school of professional needs in Germany, specialized technical staff with high-level training and highly skilled workers, to prove in Romania their high skills and high Professionalism in the construction sector.

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45 + Mil. € turnover

+1400 Employees

+1 Mil. sq. m. asphalt roads