Our future depends on a healthy planet. Today's climate and environmental challenges require an urgent and ambitious response.

Transport plays a vital role in society and the economy and our quality of life depends on an efficient and affordable transport system. At the same time, transport is a major source of environmental pressure in the European Union (EU) and contributes to climate change, air pollution and noise.

Rail transport is an environment friendly means of travel compared to air and car because it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions (1% of total transport-related greenhouse gas emissions). Reducing the negative effects of transport is an important objective of EU policies.

The main lines of action are to reorient transport towards the most efficient and least polluting means, to introduce more sustainable transport technologies, fuels and infrastructure, and to ensure that transport prices fully reflect adverse environmental and health impacts.

IBB-HIB Romania's mission to support a sustainable and durable development of Romania and our desire to be involved in the development of clean transport solutions, led to the authorisation of IBB-HIB Romania as a railway supplier for the following categories of infrastructure services:

Construction and earthworks

embankment, embankment, mixed profile

Earthwork protection and defence constructions

gabions, beams, clinkers

Earthwork reinforcement constructions


erection of steel bridge structures: steel deck, steel bridge

Construction, repair, rehabilitation, consolidation and maintenance work on bridges, viaducts and viaducts;

Construction and repair work on railway level crossings.