In the context of civil engineering, topography refers to the collection of various data about the terrain. Surveying usually involves measurements of horizontal and vertical distances between points, together with descriptions of the exact characteristics of the structure and surface of the land, the production of maps and plans of the land surface.

Topographic maps and plans are the basic topographic documentation with the representation of all the details of the land elevation and planimetry, useful in all economic fields and compulsory in construction.

Regardless of the stage or field of construction, the presence of surveyors on site is mandatory and this contributes to the correct execution of the construction, eliminates additional costs and provides important real-time information for the architect and designer.

Topographical Engineering covers the following main categories of works:

• technical-topographical studies;
• topographic-engineering design;
• topographic mapping;
• GPS determinations;
• topographic-engineering assurance of the technological process for construction-assembly;
• topo-photogrammetric observations of deformations and displacements of building foundations and lands with a high degree of landslide risk;

Our topographical engineers maintain and support all our civil engineering projects.

A full survey of a project is usually necessary to determine its exact limits, to eliminate unwanted costs due to execution errors and to ensure that the built structure is compliant and complies with safety regulations.

Supervision and monitoring of survey engineers during execution helps us to verify the quality of our services and to respect tolerances according to SR EN and STAS standards.

• Topographical support consists of topographical consultancy. The first steps in starting a new construction project are to follow the topographical plan, which is the indispensable support provided to the designer in order to obtain the building permit.

• Topographical Engineering is one of the basic components of any construction process, it is present throughout the project and ensures a smooth running. We offer specialist surveying expertise, high quality services and use state-of-the-art, high-performance devices with high accuracy.