Concrete Batching Plant

IBB-HIB Romania owns since April 2021 an approved, semi-mobile concrete batching plant type BHS SONTHOFEN MONOMIX 3.0 with a production capacity of about 120 mᶾ/h fresh concrete and 98 mᶾ/h road concrete for road, airport and other construction projects.

It is located at our working point from Pantelimon, T25, P160, and carries out the following activities: manufacture of concrete and concrete products for construction, manufacture of other concrete products, cement, plaster, testing activities and technical analysis.

Concrete is produced according to recipe studies developed in its own laboratory and meets all quality criteria, from the raw materials used to the production process. All classes of concrete produced are certified by the ALL CERT PRODUCT body by obtaining annual approvals on certificates of conformity No. 663-1 - civil concrete, No. 663-2 - road concrete and No. 678-1 - cement stabilised aggregates.

The plant can produce any type of concrete, both normal concrete and special concrete and has a cement storage capacity of 100 tons per silo, 3 silos, the mixer capacity is 3 cubic meters and the enclosure where the additives for concrete production are stored is temperature controlled.

We offer services of transport, pumping and pouring concrete for foundations, pouring concrete for screeds, pouring road concrete. Concrete is the main material used in construction, be it civil or industrial construction. It is mainly used for structures because of its advantages: it is resistant over time, allows the construction of building elements in any form, and is fire-resistant.

Concrete transport with mixer​

In order to prevent segregation of fresh concrete, IBB-HIB Romania provides its customers with transport services using modern concrete mixers. Preventing segregation is necessary to ensure that the characteristics and workability of the concrete are preserved.

Concrete pouring​

One of the most demanding and important works in the construction of a building is the pouring of concrete. That is why it is important that the pouring of concrete, especially reinforced concrete, which is essential for the strength of the construction, is carried out by a well-trained team with experience in pouring concrete for construction.


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