Why hire a IBB-HIB Romania asphalting team?

The pouring of asphalt concrete or asphalt mixes involves certain specific operations. Their correct execution ultimately translates into the quality of the work and its endurance. Skilled workers can reduce the total costs of an asphalt work project by reducing material consumption, working time (and therefore site maintenance costs).

Each team is coordinated by a project manager, a site supervisor specialized in asphalt work. Our workers are skilled in the operation of transport and asphalt pouring vehicles.

Our teams are made up of skilled, experienced workers and are responsible for everything that goes into making a parking lot, driveway, walkway or trunk road. Our frequent activities include:

• Checking and preparing the underlying surfaces (on which the asphalt is to be laid);
• Laying asphalt mixes;
• Compaction of poured asphalt layers (manually or by mechanized means);
• Application of special protective treatments;
• Operation of asphalt paving equipment;
• Maintenance and repair of asphalt roads.

We have available for our partners two mobile teams of qualified asphalt workers and related machinery. Do you need an asphalting team?