Quality is the foundation of our success

Our business is built on four pillars of sustainability:

We add value to the construction industry through the quality of our products and services and 100% projects delivered on time.
We have responsible management and sustainable business strategies.
We continuously invest in the professional training of our employees.
We believe in equal opportunities.
We take responsibility for the products and services we offer to all our customers and partners. Our products are certified and comply with all quality standards.
Social and environmental policy.
We maintain a clean and healthy environment for society.
We build with a view to reducing pollution, energy efficiency and the use of green energy.

We support active Civil Society and public interest – Sponsorship policy – Employee Volunteering policy.
We support the preservation of a clean and healthy Environment – partnerships with non-governmental organisations with environmental missions.
We respect the environment in the organisation – resource management and environmental protection – actions and procedures to reduce consumption and selective recycling of waste.

We conduct ourselves according to ethical business principles, and implement them in our daily work.
Fairness and transparency towards employees, customers and partners.
Exemplary behaviour governed by tolerance, equal opportunities and respect.
Code of ethics.
Compliance policy.

Quality comes first and we guarantee the same German quality in Romania for which we are appreciated in Germany.
• The basis of our projects’ success is very good planning and constant, continuous development, supported by good logistics. Optimization of individual processes is an essential part of the IBB approach.


Supports the goals of Romania, the European Union and the United Nations for sustainable development.

We are members of the Embassy of Sustainability in Romania, implement support and develop actions for 11 of the 17 UN goals and we are actively involved in achieving the economical, social and environmental goals of Romania and the European Union.

Our sustainability goals