We change Romania of tomorrow by building today, with passion and respect for the environment, for current and future generations, sustainable structures that improve living standards or help develop Romania's transport network.


Together we can build anything. With our commitment to quality, tenacity and aperture for innovation, we are constantly exploiting new opportunities for professional development in different sectors of the economy, thus offering our partners a range of constantly evolving services, from construction to IT or logistics, as well as guaranteeing high standards execution of projects regardless of the sector in which we operate.

Our values

Respect and responsibility for the environment;
• Respect and responsibility towards society;
Respect and responsibility for equal opportunities;
• Respect and responsibility towards the team and partners;

Quality of products and services resulting from:
Integrated quality management system;
International industry experience and team competence;
Reliability, rigour and expectations of the German culture; 
Continuous development and investment in technology;

Our team approaches its day-to-day work and relationships with business partners with: Honesty, Reliability, Authenticity, Integrity, Tolerance, and Fairness. We are a trusted partner for all of your construction projects and we want our business partners to never infringe on the trust we place in them.

IBB is a family business and we apply family values in the way we relate to our day-to-day business and our relationships with our team members. The IBB business is characterised by: Commitment, Stability and Involvement.

At IBB, we are more than a team, we are a community. Our uniqueness and strength stems from the diversity of our team, the personal contribution each brings to our shared success, and the friendship, honesty and mutual respect with which we approach each day and each project. Together we work towards common goals, celebrate successes and grow, supporting each other.