Employment policy

IBB-HIB România S.R.L. is a young, dynamic, organised and competitive team that strives for continuous development alongside the European market in the construction industry.

For this reason, it is particularly important for our employees to feel our appreciation and correct treatment in all circumstances. We wish to reward long-term dedication and participation, which is why every member of our staff has the chance to further his or her career.

Our approach is based on the strong respect for each individual and concerns all aspects such as attitude, correct and timely paid wages as well as working hours.

If your personal values are in accordance with the values of our company, we would be delighted if you should wish to join the “family” IBB-HIB România S.R.L. IBB-HIB România S.R.L.

We are developing together! 

We are seeking the following professionals:

» Engineers;
» Crane operators;
» Carpenters;
» Bricklayers;
» Metal worker. 

Job Requirements:

  • Completed studies;
  • Minimum 3 years experience in the role of the desired position;
  • Strong team spirit;
  • High flexibility;
  • Seriousness & reliability;
  • Able-bodied.


Telefon : +40 312 255 010
E-mail : office@ibb-hib.ro


Application advice

Qualities of our ideal employees:

  • » Motivated;
  • » Organised;
  • » Disciplined;
  • » Communicative;
  • » Responsible;
  • » Punctual;
  • » Involved;
  • » Effective;
  • » Skillful;
  • » Flexible.

Advice prior to applying:

» Please send us your CV with your professional experience and area(s) of expertise. N.B. your CV will remain in our database.
» E-mail: office@ibb-hib.ro .
»Telefon : +40 312 255 010

The most important thing for us is teamwork!